Customer Testimonials

Great design, great finish and tons of space when up or down.  Looks great and opens like a dream. I will certainly recommend this if asked.

Jason B

I have just got my van back and it looks fantastic. I'm very happy with the finish and the way my van looks. I've had the roof up and down several times now and everything looks in good order. Won’t be long now before we start travelling so will give it a short test this weekend. Any excuse for a trip to the lakes!

John - Jan 2017 | Slimline Roof fitted by UK PopTops

I've owned six poptops now and this is by far the best roof conversion to date.  Absolutely fantastic product, the engineering is impressive and the finish is excellent. There are very few high lift, low profile options available but I chose yours because of the low profile and the fact that your roof did not eat into headroom.

I spent a lot of time researching the different roofs on the market and after visiting you in Washington and seeing the roof in action I was sold.  I really appreciate you taking the time to show me round your workshop and answering all of my many questions.  It is rare to have such excellent customer service nowadays and meeting you and your team and seeing your passion for your products was key in helping me make my decision.  I wish you all the very best and thank you again for all your hard work.

George R | Super High Lift, Low Profile Roof fitted by UK PopTops

A quick note to say thank you for fitting my Slimline roof.  I'm overwhelmed by the amount of space in the tent and the roof look great when lowered. Great job.

J Adams

I have been fitting poptop roofs for five years now so when PopTop roofs contacted me to ask if I would be prepared to install and review their new Super High Lift, Low Profile roof as a "guinea pig" I was more than happy to accept the challenge.  I am aware of one other high lift, low profile roof on the market and had heard that is was a complicated install so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up the kit and found that it was similar in many ways to the other roofs that they supply.

I inspected all the parts as usual before proceeding  and was happy that everything was in order.  To be fair the fitting was fairly uneventful and although it took slightly longer than usual to fit I found the whole process straight forward. I was a little concerned about the stability of the roof with such a high lift however the construction is sturdy and the roof retaining bracket and hinges keep everything in line. I wouldn't open the roof in a gale but then again I wouldn't open any roof in a gale! 

The finish was of course top notch! Seriously though I think the roof looks great and does what is says on the tin.  Very low profile and when painted to match you wouldn't even think it was a campervan.  I have never had an issue with fitting a PopTop roof and it looks like they have come up trumps again with a fantastic product.  It costs more than their standard roofs but I can see why and for customers with a bit more money in their pocket or who like the low profile look then I think this is a great alternative.  It certainly ticked all the boxes for me and I will have no issues recommending the roof to my customers and to other poptop roof installers. In short a straight forward installation and a good quality product which I am sure will be very popular.

Your slimline camper roof is perfect and thank you for a job well done.  I am really happy with the very professional service you and your team provided and i'm really pleased with the job. Can't believe how much height I have inside the van. I'm just under six foot tall and I feel like I'm in a football stadium!!! Keep up the good work.

Adam - Jan 2017 | Slimline Roof fitted by UK PopTops

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